5 Best Android Photos Recovery Apps to Recover Deleted Photos

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Capturing your favorite moments on your Smartphone is the latest trend. You can easily store those pictures in your gallery for viewing in future. Some people usually save these photos in the cloud storage so that can be easily restored if needed.

What if you have deleted your photos unknowingly or unintentionally? It is one of the most common and worst problems that most of the android phone users face. And what if you don’t know how to retrieve these pictures?

Now, you do not need to worry about the deleted pictures of your Smartphone. Developers have successfully developed so many apps that have made the concept to retrieve the deleted photographs.

Features of Android Recovery apps

  • These apps enable you to restore the deleted photos, videos, and music files in just a few clicks.
  • You do not require to have internet connection for the recovery process.
  • These apps also provide you privacy settings.
  • You can also share and send the recovered files to your friends.

Top 5 Android Photos Recovery Apps

  1. Dumpster-Recycle Bin

It is one of the best apps for efficiently recovering your deleted photos and that too without the help of any internet connection. It provides the users an option from where you can preview the deleted pictures before recovering them.

This excellent app includes a very user-friendly interface and can be easily installed a user with various Android smartphones. It also enables you for restoring your favorite videos along with other media files. The best part of this android application is that along with recovering photos and videos it also provides you the facility of screen lock access for privacy reasons.

  1. DiscDigger Photo Recovery

It is one of the most popular photo recovery apps which allow you to recover your photos and videos from both SD card as well as from the internal memory of your Android device. It also enables you to upload the recovered files to various media sources easily. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to root your device before downloading.

  1. Super Backup and Restore

It is one of the fastest recovery apps for deleted photos of Android phones which enables you to take backup of various applications of your handset so that you can easily retrieve them, in case if they are deleted. It means that you can easily save your contacts, text messages, history, bookmarks and much more along with photos, videos and music files.

  1. Photo Recovery

As the name indicates, photo recovery app enables you to recover your deleted photos easily from both SD memory card or the internal memory storage of your Android handset. It provides you different methods and algorithms for retrieving your pictures so that you could get the best results, you ever had. Moreover, this app works well on both rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

  1. Android Recycle Bin

Android Recycle Bin is a perfect recovery app for recovering your deleted photos which work like space from where you can easily recover your deleted photos. This excellent app does not need an internet connection for restoring files and can work well on android version 2.3 or more.

It also enables you to sorts various data files by name, size, and type. The best part of this wonderful app is that it consumes very low battery and enables you to retrieve data quickly from SD card as well as internal memory storage.

Alternate source of Recovering deleted photos

If you are not willing to download and install any recovery app for deleted files, you can easily create a backup of your photos, videos and music files in the cloud storage so that you can efficiently use it when required. The process of creating a backup to your device removes the permanent tension of recovering the deleted photographs and other media files.


Photos are the most natural way of capturing our memories for viewing in future. You will surely be not happy if these are accidentally deleted from you.

You can find different apps in the market which now have enables you to retrieve your deleted images easily successfully. Now, just download your favorite photos recovery app from Google Play Store and forgot about the problem of deleted pictures.


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