5 Best Security Apps for Android


Generally, security apps are always important for the people who all are using Android devices. So always use the best security apps for android. Whenever you visit any sites, then there might be a chance of receiving virus or happening of malware functions on your android devices. Also, for privacy purposes, you will also expect some apps to save your personal data. For your information, there is an enormous number of apps available on the tech market to download.

However, one should be remembered that not all the security apps are genuine and give you the best solution. In this article, we are discussing some of the best top 5 security apps for your Android devices. These kinds of apps will boost your phone to stay active for a long time. By using these apps, you can protect it from unwanted stuff or be stolen from your device.

To protect or save your files as per your convenience, you can visit the store and download it on your device at any time. Those Android users who all are seeking for a long time to know about the best security apps can follow here. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers.

1. Find my device

It is said to be one of the best security apps for your phone to handle. By downloading this app from the Google PlayStore, you can easily install it and give all the required details as per the instructions on the app. This application is highly protective and securable. It largely helps to find the location of your mobile. For example, if you lost your device or stolen, it will automatically lock your phone and brings out the highly sound alarm. It is one of the free apps that will work great without any annoying ads along with attractive options. (Download on Google Play)

2. Applock

If you are seriously looking for the security apps that you want to hide your personal files like photos, videos or any other apps, then this is the best platform. After the completion of the downloading process, you can open and check out the various options that actually look cool. There is an option called vault where you can move your stuff from the gallery. Once the app is done with a PIN lock, then you need to unlock the PIN or pattern. It is more securable as per the sources. You can download this application from PlayStore at free of cost which will consume less memory on your Android device. (Download on Google Play)

3. Last pass


To secure more your apps, this one is the best application for you to use on your device. Generally, while using the apps on your device, we usually use and left it as it is. But somehow the messengers and galleries are important which should be secured from the third persons. With the help of last pass application, you can set your password or create a pattern for your apps. It will give strong security to your applications with the decent level of payment per year at just $12. (Download on Google Play)

4. Glass wire

Applications are almost consuming less memory on Android devices, but one must be aware of that there will be consuming data for usage. It means it will consume more than you expected at the background. It will lead to full storage level and slow down your device at a certain level. At this condition, Glass wire plays the major role. It will help your device to display that how much data has been consumed at the background in every app. This might help you to protect from the overflow of storage at any time. (Download on Google Play)

5. Resilio Sync

Cloud storage server has become one of the essential things among the storage users. If any of them looking for the huge level of storage file on their computer, then it will require more space to store. In this case, cloud storage server helps your huge level of data to store and protect from third level parties. Likewise, for the beginners, Resilio Sync is the best security app to use. It will help to create your own storage, and you can save your unlimited files there with whole security purpose. (Download on Google Play)


The above-given security apps will support you in terms of protecting your files with more secure. Those apps also have the premium version level which will give you more features to handle your device from others.


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