Best 6 Free Android Apps To Download Music and Listen Offline

People often spend their leisure time for listening music from their gadgets. Love for music remains same in any situation. Now you can stream the popular and latest music files from the online as well as in the offline mode. If you choose online music listening, you will get an enormous amount of latest and updated music of any age.

It is not only about online music; you can also ping your favourite and recent songs, audios from the offline mode as well. In online, you can find different language songs, music, audio, etc. Most of the sites offer it for free from the online. Few of the sites doing it as paid service for their customers.

If you feel to have the favourite and recent music file for offline mode, you need to download it from the online mode using any of the available methods. The easiest way to download music files from online mode via music download applications.

On the other hand, every handset can install the music downloading the app. It does not matter, Android or iOS platform they perform the same task in a different mode. If you feel to have the music files on your Android device; the only way is downloading the files from the online mode using any of the available downloading applications.

Whether it is free or paid service, you need to download music for your android device you need to use any of the recommended music downloader applications from the play store. You can find different kind of Android applications to download the music files for offline listening.

Here we just listed few applications which provide the best support to download the music files from the online mode to offline. Once you download any file from online, it can be moved to offline mode and can be accessible anytime and anywhere you want.

List of best 6 free android apps to download music

Better try with the legitimate apps from the Google play store to download the music files. These apps have the options to move the online songs; music to an offline mode with the help of internet. Here are the best and most used applications to download the music for offline mode.

Google play music

You can find the Google play music from the Google play store. This is the most prominent application to download the music for android device. It has many features which make the uses to listen to the music offline repeatedly. Once you downloaded music from online; it will be stored in your gallery and available permanently to listen to offline mode. Using Google play music, you can download more than 50K songs; music for free.

Download Here

Amazon music

This is one of the famous music streaming application available in the Google play store. It can support Android devices and able to download the music files for offline mode easily for free of cost. Once you downloaded the file from the online, organize it with your playlists to stream it whenever needed.

Download Here

Spotify music

You may be aware of Spotify music app from the Google play store. It is one of the popular music applications used with Android phones to get the songs, audio, album songs, etc. for the online and offline mode. It has the features to stream the offline songs, artists, albums in different styles.

Download Here

Free Mp3 downloads

It is another Android app to download the music files for offline mode and play it as your favorite playlists. This music downloader app completely provides access to online music for free. The downloaded files can be saved to the SD card for long time access.

Download Here

Napster music

You can stream the music from the Napster music for free and move the online streaming to offline mode using the download option. This app supports the Android and tablet version. You can create your playlists to listen to music on offline.

Download Here


This is the most excellent audio downloading app for the android device from the online mode. Once you downloaded the music, album, tracks, artists from the online page; you have the option to listen to it from the offline mode for multiple times. It has plenty of other features to listen to the music without any external disturbances.

Download Here


You can get many kinds of music downloading apps for the Android device from the official play store. Each of them has their own and unique features to listen the streaming from offline mode. Once you downloaded any music file from online mode, it will be available for online mode forever until it gets deleted permanently. So decide the best and suitable application for your Android device to listen the misc on offline.


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