How to Send Anonymous SMS for Free

Sending SMS is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your loved and dear ones. You don’t have to make expenses for the net packs or buy an expensive phone to stay connected. Just a simple SMS is saying that you care and that is enough for your dear ones. However, telecom operators charge heavily for the SMS sent to other networks. They have restricted usage on expensive SMS packs that disallow you to exceed the limit for free. In such a case you are compelled to stick to that limit and send the allowed numbers of texts only.

Since the internet is the solution for everything, sending SMS to unknown numbers is possible. You can trust the online free web portals that allow you to do so for free. Just input your desired SMS and the number.

In order to become a part of such free SMS sites, you just have to sign up with them for free. They would send you a code that you need to input for the confirmation. Soon, you can get started without emptying your pockets. No matter whether you wish to send messages to your beloved or target audiences, the free SMS strategies would let you do it all very conveniently.

How to Send Anonymous SMS

You must not spoof anyone on the name of such messages. The best practice is to mention your name underneath and also state the viable details. Harassing someone through such website is an offense. Immediately you will be reported to the cybercrime branch if any such activity is reported.

So let’s get started with the process of sending anonymous SMS:

  1. Log on to the website that lets you send free SMS
  2. Register with Your Original Name And Details
  3. Input your phone number
  4. Create an ID and a password
  5. Add contacts in your list for sending SMS
  6. You can also input the phone number directly to send such an SMS
  7. UP TO 500 SMS per day can be sent
  8. You can turn on phone notification for receiving reply

Who can use such a service?

Well, sending anonymous SMS to a particular mobile for free is a great help in itself. Imagine yourself getting caught in some problem and there is no availability of phone booth or PCO. What would you do? You can approach the nearby internet café and send an SMS to keep your loved ones ignored.

  1. The anonymous message sending services are perfect for expressing your love
  2. Secretly informing about the tax evaders
  3. Reporting secret fraud
  4. Warning friends about something
  5. Tricking some jokingly
  6. In case your private SMS service has been blocked
  7. When you are short of free SMS
  8. When you don’t want to spend on SMS card

Benefits of sending Anonymous SMS for free

The first and foremost benefit of sending free SMS includes privacy maintenance. You don’t always wish to reveal your identity while doing the secret tasks. By sending the anonymous texts, you can fulfill the entire necessary task without getting caught. The internet will be your savior. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about those heavy charges that stimulate on special occasions. Sending an anonymous message through the internet was, is and will always remain free. It’s indeed one of the best internet services that you can get for free.

Instant delivery

Your phone might lack sufficient network or face from telecom issue at times. In such a case you don’t have any choice left. However, if you have access to sending free anonymous texts, you can always remain ready to handle things. Any problem or task will not remain restricted because of the communication issues. The free SMS service would always work on your behalf and keep informing people.


Suppose you wished to express love to someone special. However, there was no medium through which you could find out the hidden feelings from his/her side. But since you can send an anonymous SMS, there is a way out to know whether they love you back or not. The simplistic yet a fantastic service are a huge success across India and other subcontinents.


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