Top 6 Wi-Fi hacking apps for Android Smartphones

Most of the people use Wi-Fi security tools and techniques for securing their internet data from being hacked. It is must to have necessity so that your WiFi network remains safe from the unauthorized accessing.

The mobile internet WiFi has extra security challenges than the wired ones due to the reason of their accessibility to the public. If you are using Mobile internet WiFi, you should need to extra careful so that you can access your WiFi internet easily.

But with the going on advancement it has not remained safe for securing of your WiFi connection from being hacked. Many tools and techniques are available in the market which has changed the concept entirely. The developers have built now so many applications which enable you to easily hack the Wi-Fi internet in the matter of just a few clicks.

Is WiFi hacking safe and legal?

Breaking someone’s security system and accessing their properties is not at all a legal concept. You can find several applications in the market which are being developed for find out the vulnerabilities. These apps also enable you to access the WiFi passwords. These apps are safe to use it provides you protection from being rectified.

Requirements for hacking WiFi through your Smartphone

Before going ahead with the procedure of hacking WiFi password, you should have to do some necessary things so that you could quickly get the best results.

  • The first thing you need before starting the WiFi hacking process, you should need to root up your android phone so that it could enable you to run third-party applications efficiently.
  • The WiFi which you are going to hack should be in the range of your device and that too with a high signal so that you could get the best and fast results from it.
  • Most of the Android hacking applications support android version more than 4.0, therefore while hacking Wi-Fi be careful about that.

Top 6 WiFi hacking apps for Android users: –

  1. WPA WPS Tester

It is one of the most popular android application which enables you to hack the desired and nearby WiFi password easily. It was mainly developed to find out the vulnerabilities of your Wi-Fi connection but also allows you to break the security of your Wi-Fi router and hence an excellent Wi-Fi hacking application. It goes best with the Android version 4.0 and more. Moreover, this superb app includes very user-friendly interface and enables you to hack the victims’ WiFi in just a few seconds.

  1. Zanti

It is one of the best Wi-Fi hacking apps which enable you to hack the related Wi-Fi in just a few seconds. This application is mostly used for checking security in websites and servers. You can also use this fantastic app for various other purposes like Vulnerability checking, MAC addresses spoofing, and password auditing, etc. Zanti is a perfect app which enables you to use mobile penetration toolkit for Wi-Fi network assessment and penetration. You can use this wonderful app for identifying the holes in your network system and for making amendments in it.

  1. WiFi Kill

This is a wonderful tool for hacking your desired Wi-Fi password. This tool is a maximum used by various ethical hackers to find out the vulnerabilities of your network system. As the name described, it disables the internet connection of a device and thus prevents it from being used. It also allows you to show traffic used by a device, and the traffic names, etc. Now, you don’t need to have any professional skills for hacking someone’s WiFi password, just download this excellent app and enjoy the unlimited fun in the matter of few clicks.

  1. Reaver

It is a beautiful tool for hacking WiFi which works well on android version 4.0 and more. It automatically detects the nearby touters and launches a brute force attack against WPS registrar password which ultimately helps in breaking the security system.

  1. Andro Dumper Crac

It is a fantastic WiFi hacking app which easily rectifies and recognize the nearby WiFi network automatically and helps you to identify the password of the victim’s Wi-Fi easily. It includes a very user-friendly interface and enables you to get the best results in just a few seconds.

  1. WPS Connect

WPS connect allows you to the fast and easy hacking of desired Wi-Fi password so that you can easily get connected to it. It also enables you to remove various bugs from your device and hence provides you safe accessing.


Hacking anyone’s WiFi password is not a big deal now. You can easily do it by just using the few apps and too within few clicks. If you are going to hack WiFi password, make sure that you are using a perfect and secure app so that you could get the best results.

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