WhatsApp Vs. Hike, Which one is the Best and Why?

WhatsApp and Hike both are instant messaging services which enables you to get connected with your family friends within a small fraction of the time. You can send messages, make audio calls, and make video calls and much more with both of these instant messaging services.

The best part about both of these instant messaging services is that they are absolutely free of cost. You have nothing to pay these services for installing them on your devices. Also, both of these are compatible with various devices, therefore can be easily used with different devices like smartphones and iOS devices.

Today, most of the smartphones, tablets, and iOS devices are coming with pre-installed applications of WhatsApp and Hike messengers; therefore you don’t need to worry about the installation processes.

Reasons for choosing WhatsApp over Hike

Since both of two are many ways alike to each other still have lots of difference between them. WhatsApp is more popular instant messaging app than Hike due to the following reasons:

  • WhatsApp is more popular app than Hike globally; therefore more of the people are well aware of
  • WhatsApp and not Hike. Therefore if you have WhatsApp account, you have to meet more of your friends rather than that of Hike.
  • One another best part about WhatsApp is that it can be used on Windows desktop in web-based applications and can be used in Chrome as well. But the Hike messenger does not include this fantastic feature.
  • WhatsApp includes more promotions than that of Hike from the people that’s why known and used by most of the people.

Which one is the best WhatsApp or Hike

WhatsApp is more popular app than Hike but if we are talking about the features included then Hike is the best app among both. Here, we are providing you the strong evidence for this fact which is: –

Offline chat:

The hike includes an amazing feature of Offline chat which WhatsApp does not have. This wonderful feature of Hike enables you to chat with your family and friends without going online, which means that, you don’t have now to think about your internet pack. Now, you don’t need to spend money of data charges, just message through Hike and enjoy the unlimited fun with Offline chat.

Exclusive SMS facility to non-users of Hike:

The hike includes an SMS facility which enables to send limited messages to the non-hike users which means that you can now easily get connected with your friends which do not have installed hike to their devices. But, WhatsApp does not include this excellent feature.

Chat theme:

This unique feature of Hike enables the user to select the theme or background of your conversations. Your set theme will also get reflected in your conversations from your friend’s side. It means that, if you set some particular theme for your conversations, your friend will also enable you to see your theme in his discussions. This amazing feature is lacking in WhatsApp.


The hike includes various stickers for expressing your feelings and ideas. Out of these stickers are some of them are preloaded to your account, whereas some need to be loaded as per your choice. Whereas, Whatsapp does not include this amazing feature of stickers, instead of that it includes various emojis for expressing your feelings.

Hidden mode:

The hike includes one another unusual feature which makes it better than WhatsApp and it is its Hidden mode. The hidden mode of Hike enables it to hide their private chat from being view by some other persons. For this, you have to select the conversation which you want to hide and then to hide it under a set password. This chat can only be able to read or work on if opened by a secure password. Hence, it reduces the chances of leaking of your useful information. This facility is not embedded inside the WhatsApp.

Selected online:

Selected online is another additional feature of Hike, which makes it best among all instant messaging services. This unusual feature of Hike enables it to remain selected to the selected friends only. It means that people whom you don’t want to get connected will never come to know about your online or last seen options. Whereas WhatsApp does not include this unusual feature, instead of it, it includes showing online and offline to all features which makes you appear online or offline to all of your contacts.


Messenger users have a lot of queries in terms of finding the best messenger apps to use. To those users, here we have shown the best level of differences between the apps like WhatsApp and Hike messenger. Hope, the users have the answer before getting involved with these apps.


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  • September 28, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Hello Sunaina,

    WhatsApp is great but Hike is also a nice app. I like that Natasha help girl in that app. I am currently using WhatsApp only, and happy with it.

    • September 29, 2017 at 4:05 am

      Thank you, Atish sir


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